2022 One Week Wonder Now Appearing


There is no One Week Wonder project this year (the next one is planned for 2026) but you can find the 2022 version in the Homebuilders Hangar this week. A Sonex Waiex-B with a beautiful, American flag-theme paint job greets you as you walk in the east door.  Over 2000 AirVenture visitors helped build the plane during last year’s event. What an amazing accomplishment!

Maybe you were one of them? In the new “just in time” style, volunteers were applying the names of everyone who helped build it. If you are one of them, swing by the Homebuilders Hangar and find your name!


  1. Would the EAA be interested in offering this airplane to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum? I am the curator responsible for homebuilt aircraft.


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