40 Years of Service for Aircraft Tool Supply


Aircraft Tool Supply, recognized internationally as a leading manufacturer and distributor of sheet metal tools, riveting products, inspection equipment, and aircraft engine maintenance tools, is pleased to announce that 2014 marks the company’s 40th Anniversary!

Aircraft Tool Supply was the brain child of Mr. Frank W. Barber. He started the company in 1974, in a small machine shop located in Novi, MI. Desmond Lynch later joined the crew at ATS in 1990. As two former military members, they joined forces to modernize and change several factions of the company. Des with his computer skills, and Frank with his knowledge and the tools needed to maintain them, brought ATS into one of the front-runners of the aviation industry.

Aircraft Tool Supply has received numerous admirations for its Pro Series line of tools with a lifetime warranty, making this offer supreme in the industry. The company is also recognized for the manufacturing of several classic aviation tools, including the Time-Rite and Spark Plug Cleaner and Tester. Today, Aircraft Tool Supply is owned by Desmond Lynch and employs 22 dedicated workers. As one of the top distributors of aircraft tools, ATS prides themselves with exceptional customer service and constant growth. Over 500 new products have been added to their inventory in the last three months, filling the shelves. A new catalog was published in July introducing several of those new products. They have a large presence online and throughout social media outlets. For more information regarding Aircraft Tool Supply products, please visit www.aircraft-tool.com.


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