6-Cylinder E-Mag


E-Mag - 6-cylinder

We were in a rush, the E-Mag booth was full of customers and so we didn’t get to chat up the details, but the main news at E-Mag is they are introducing a 6-cylinder version of their electronic ignition-with-alternator magneto-replacement system.

Granted, this is not the freshest news as E-Mag has already announced the new 6-cylinder unit—and the subsequent delays in its market debut. But the new ignition will arrive shortly says E-Mag. The company is hoping for August deliveries and we’ll say Labor Day might be a good memory gouge to check-in on the situation.

The new E-Mag features push-button timing adjustments, an alternator which charges at engine idle rpm, a mil-spec harness connector for all wiring and a MAP fitting capable of accepting a ¼ NPT fitting (barb fitting supplied as stock).

The 6-cylinder E-Mag lists for $1,650, its matching trim-to-fit wiring harness is $109 and an aviation-to-auto sparkplug adapter kit is $128.

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