New CAMit Distributor

Jack Gonzenbach stands behind is CAMit product.
Jack Gonzenbach stands behind is CAMit product.

Jack Gonzenbach of Heart of America Aviation LLC is the new North American distributor for CAMit aircraft engines out of Australia. CAMit engines are an off-shoot and updated version of the popular Jabiru LSA engine.

And when we say Gonzenbach is the new distributor, we do mean new, as in the last three weeks. Based in Overland Park, Kansas, Gonzenbach’s Heart of America is expecting its first shipment of engines, service parts and other basics from CAMit’s Australian headquarters shortly.

Some of CAMit’s improvements to the design are more robust metallurgy in the cylinder heads for greater durability, improved cylinder base flanges, revised flywheel retention and case half sealing.

Heart of America Aviation can be reached at or (913) 890-3052.

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