AirVenture is long over, but we’re still digging out from the information deluge the show provides. A good example is the Aerocreeper, an adjustable height design that looks perfect for those “too short to kneel, too tall to sit up” jobs under our airplanes. We saw it while running through one of the display hangars and couldn’t resist a quick peek.

Demonstrated here in its lowest and at mid-height, the Aerocreeper adjusts upward all the way until it forms a chair. It might be of limited use while building a plane because so many project parts can be set on a bench or rolled over, but once the airplane is complete the Aerocreeper looks like a lifesaver. For sure it would be a game changer when working under the engine of taildragger because those engines are seemingly set at a height designed to replace water boarding as a physical torture.

Base price for standard Aerocreeper is $399; heavy duty casters add $35 while the optional tool tray and pillow are $19.95 each. For more information see


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