AeroLEDs Announces New Employees


AeroLEDs is introducing four new and talented members to the team in Boise, ID. “Thanks to the loyalty of our customers, we need to grow to provide the best service possible” says Nate Calvin, CEO and President at AeroLEDs. “These four bring a combined total of over 35 years of experience in aviation, engineering, and support of the experimental and GA markets and we are proud to bring them on board.”

First is Mark McCormack as Project Manager. McCormack is an electrical engineer and private pilot with 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and eight years working in avionics. McCormack also holds four patents. At AeroLEDs his first focus will be streamlining the training and technical documentation. Like many pilots, on the weekends he enjoys model airplanes, machining, woodworking and off-road motorcycles.

Second is Ryan Edmark as Sales Manager. Edmark has had an affinity for aviation since he was a child and is excited to now be a part of the industry. Edmark has worked in sales, as well as general industrial supply, in Boise for nine years and comes from Snake River Supply where he worked as a Branch Manager. Edmark will head the new sales team and be directly dedicated to supporting the AeroLEDs re-sellers. Edmark is a Chicago native and his wife is the Production Manager at AeroLEDs.

Third is Robert Prew as an Electrical Engineer. Prew is a third-generation electrical engineer and his grandfather was also a pilot. Prew is a recent graduate from the University of Idaho, but his career in engineering started early when he took his mother’s vacuum cleaner apart but soon realized he didn’t know how to put it back together. Now Prew is looking forward to the broad scope of engineering challenges and opportunities available at AeroLEDs.

Fourth is Natalie Sipes in Advertising and Account Development. Sipes started her aviation journey growing up at Crest Airpark near Seattle, WA and watching her father build an all-wood Sequoia F.8L Falco, which won Grand Champion at AirVenture in 2006. Sipes is a pilot and graduate of the inaugural class from Seattle’s Aviation High School and the EAA Air Academy. Sipes worked in marketing and customer support at Dynon Avionics for over four years and is eager to be working with AeroLEDs to continue providing safer products to pilots. Sipes will handle advertising and work to support new partnerships with AeroLEDs.

Founded in 2006, AeroLEDs designs and manufactures LED lighting solutions for aircraft including; Beechcraft, Pilatus, Raytheon, multiple military applications and other special use platforms.




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