New Landing Light Series from AeroLEDs


Idaho-based aerospace lighting company AeroLEDs announced that it has added a new landing light series to its lineup. A 75-watt version of the company’s SunSpot line, the SunSpot 36-4000 lights were designed as drop-in replacements for legacy 4509 and 4591 bulbs. According to the company, the SunSpot 36-4509 and 36-4591 offer more than 200,000 candela and a 15-degree by 15-degree beam angle intended to improve visibility “both on the ground and in the air from up to 30 miles away.”

“Already available in a 45W and 100W option, the new SunSpot 36-4000 series 75W LEDs offer the same trusted reliability but top the charts with the highest candela in the industry for a PAR36 LED landing light,” AeroLEDs said. “SunSpot 36-4509 and SunSpot 36-4591 are a safety upgrade that is FAA-PMA/STC approved for use in virtually any aircraft that requires a PAR36 lighting configuration.”

The SunSpot 36-4000 series also includes the 36-4509-H and 36-4591-H models, which come with a built-in pulse mode. Weighing 11.2 ounces, unit price for the SunSpot 36-4509 and 36-4591 is $349 for the standard version and $400 for the -H models. AeroLEDs noted that its lighting products are rated for over 30,000 hours of continuous use.


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