AeroMag Traps Small Particles, Allows Cleaner Oil



According to AeroMagnet, Inc., manufacturer of the AeroMag oil filter magnet, standard aircraft oil filters are adequate in trapping particles 40 microns and larger, but tests performed by company engineers have shown that smaller particles that pass through standard filters cause the most engine wear. The AeroMag is designed to trap and hold those small particles.

The AeroMags neodymium magnets secure it to the filter canisters exterior, trapping metal particles smaller than 40 microns (down to 1 micron) inside the canister wall. Standard filters cant stop these particles without reducing oil flow. According to the company, the AeroMag will keep your engine oil significantly cleaner, allowing it to run cooler and last longer.

The AeroMag sells for $98.95 and fits all Lycoming and Continental oil filters for Experimental aircraft. The Zytel Nylon housing will withstand temperatures to 150 degrees C, and the back is shielded, eliminating stray magnetic flux so aircraft instruments are not affected. The AeroMag installs quickly (it snaps to the outside of the filter), costs nothing to maintain and is reusable. Because there are no moving parts to wear out, the company says each AeroMag will last indefinitely.

The AeroMag is available from Aircraft Spruce (877/4-SPRUCE or or directly through AeroMagnet, Inc. (888/237-6624 or


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