AirCam Bahamas Fly-Out 2019


AIRCAM-Bahamas FlyOut

Flying the Bahamas in an AirCam is one of the most sensational flying experiences you will ever have. There are numerous white, sandy, uninhabited beaches to fly and the color of the water is intoxicating. You can fly these islands a hundred times in a regular airplane and still not know what you are missing until to do it in an AirCam. 

If you already own an AirCam on floats or wheels try to make this trip. If you have been wondering what it would be like to own an AirCam then join the group at Stella Maris on Long Island, Bahamas. Whether you fly out in a conventional aircraft or pick up a charter from Nassau, there are several ways to make the trip.

Visit for more information or download the official announcement.


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