Aircraft Spruce Debuts New Pilot Catalog


Aircraft Spruce & Specialty took Sun n Fun as an opportunity to debut its new catalog of products. “The products are a little different from the nuts and bolts items that we stock through our big book,” said Desiree Czaplinski, marketing representative for the company. “We created to make it easier for pilots to find those essentials, from flight cases to sunglasses, pilot watches to custom mugs; even personal emergency locator beacons are now in the catalog,” she said.

If your aim is simply aesthetics, the Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Bombshell Covergirls from the company’s famous calendar are on site at Sun ‘n Fun, where you can get 24 months’ worth of curvaceous women depicted on the calendars for just $30. They will even sign the calendars if you visit Booth B 1-9 at the show.

On a more serious note, Czaplinski was quick to remind this writer that the company also has a special campaign in force to raise money for the Kyle & Amanda Franklin fund. (These two airshow performers were recently burned in an accident.) Kelley Aerospace/Hartzell and Aircraft Spruce will donate a combined $1 for every Kelley Aerospace oil filter sold by Spruce through June 30th.


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