Aircraft Spruce Stocks Clecall Steel Upright Pliers


clecallAircraft Spruce is the exclusive distributor of the Clecall Steel Upright Cleco Pliers, which are faster to use and easier to activate than standard Cleco pliers. They are spring-loaded to open with less effort. The handle compression distance has been reduced further for more comfort and to reduce fatigue and wrist pain. The Clecall Pliers design accommodates a 1/4″ Cleco width, and the vertical profile installs clecos in tight areas with ease.  Clecos can be installed easily on upside down surfaces with the Clecall Pliers. The Clecall Pliers are forged steel for heavy-duty use. The Clecall Steel Upright Cleco Pliers are currently offered for $19.95.  For more information, please contact Aircraft Spruce at 1-877-477-7823 or 951-372-9555, and reference part number 12-03756

Aircraft Spruce’s complete product line is available at Request your complimentary copy of the company’s free 950+ page catalog (available in print, CD, or PDF formats).


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