Aircraft Weight and Balance Manual


Beginning with the basic principles of aircraft weight and balance, the Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook is the official U.S. government guide for pilots, covering procedures for preparing to weigh and actually weighing an aircraft. The FAA emphasizes the importance of this work, including examples of documentation furnished by the aircraft manufacturer and by the FAA to ensure the aircraft weight and balance records contain the proper data. This easy-to-read, large format book also discusses:

  • Detailed methods for determining the location of the empty-weight center of gravity (CG) of an aircraft
  • Information for A&P mechanics to determine the weight and CG changes caused by repairs or alterations
  • Instructions for conducting adverse-loaded CG checks and the best way to figure the amount and location of ballast needed to bring CG within allowable limits
  • Loading computations for general aviation aircraft
  • Unique requirements for helicopter weight and balance control
  • Examples for solving weight and balance problems using calculators, E6-B flight computers, and a dedicated flight computer

With a complete glossary and clear charts and mathematical formulas, the Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook should be helpful for any pilot. The price is $9.95.

Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook
ISBN: 978-1-61608-124-9
Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
307 West 36th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10018


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