Airplanes Are for Girls

GirlVenture campers work through a thought exercise considering the differences in lift distribution, versatility, and other characteristics between a Paul Dye’s RV-8 and astronaut Jim Voss’ Long-EZ. (Photo: Cindy Hasselbring)

More than 30 young women from GirlVenture Camp spent an hour visiting the “Show Plane” display this week to learn about homebuilt airplanes. The EAA program offers activities to “engage, inspire, and educate” young women in grades 9-12 during EAA AirVenture. Most of the girls accompany aviation-oriented families on the trek to Oshkosh while others are local residents. They return to their families each evening. The program starts late morning on Sunday and finishes Wednesday afternoon.

During the week, the girls enjoy flight experiences, participate in hands-on activities, and enjoy a variety of speakers and special guests. On this visit, they examined and compared an RV-8 to a Long-EZ, learning about the different characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of the canard- versus standard-style airplane.


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