All Hail The Volunteers!


The AirVenture grounds were busy last Friday with hundreds of volunteers scurrying around, preparing. Their efforts in homebuilt parking, homebuilt camping, and the vintage areas were probably made a little more challenging than in the past by the large number of arriving aircraft and campers. After last year’s experiences and the predicted bad weather for Saturday this year, those with the time did their best to get in on Friday. Records for Friday arrivals were broken in both the homebuilt and vintage areas.

But, the EAA took time on Friday evening to recognize the homebuilt camping volunteers with a (what else!) hamburger and brat dinner under the Homebuilt Pavilion. EAA’s jefe, Jack Pelton, and EAA chapters and homebuilt leader, Charlie Becker, joined the group and gave brief talks combining praise, pre-event briefing, and inspiration.

It has already been a challenging year for volunteers so please remember to thank them when you see them around the grounds this year.

Charlie Becker (left) and Jack Pelton (right) talk to the homebuilt volunteers under the Homebuilders Pavilion shortly before the first of three major storms hit the grounds.


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