American Autogyro Reintroducing the SparrowHawk III Gyroplane Kit


American Autogyro International, Inc. (AAI) is restarting production of the SparrowHawk III Gyroplane Quick-Build kit. In addition, AAI will provide enhanced support for the more than 100 SparrowHawk kits sold thus far.

When the original SparrowHawk Gyroplane was first introduced, the homebuilt gyroplane kit industry had a poor reputation due to accidents. The majority of these could be attributed to flawed designs that misplaced thrust vectors. The SparrowHawk corrected this issue by introducing the innovative “center-line-thrust” placement of the propeller and appropriately aligning the rotor thrust vector.

Over the next several years, other gyroplane manufacturers adopted centerline thrust (and certain others left the market) and the accident rate declined. As a result, the gyroplane market has experienced significant growth and renewed interest.

AAI will occasionally purchase existing well-built SparrowHawk Kit Aircraft,  with reasonably low flight time, but will can review those at any level of assembly or flight time logged.

More information on the company’s website.



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