Angle of Attack Instruments Acquired by Advanced Flight Systems



Advanced Flight Systems, Inc. (AFS), manufacturer of the ACS2002 digital engine monitoring system, announced the acquisition of the AOA Pro and AOA Sport angle of attack instruments from Proprietary Software Systems, Inc. AFS will offer a $250 rebate when a customer purchases both the engine monitor and the AOA Pro instrument.

Named Best Hardware of the Year at AirVenture 2002, the AOA instruments have their genesis in the systems used by Navy carrier pilots. They allow GA pilots to perform precision approaches based on optimum approach angle-of-attack, rather than the indicated airspeed.

At $1495, the AOA Pro includes a color display and aural voice system which warns of critically high AOA, gear position errors and installation or hardware errors. There are no probes, vanes or protrusions to slow you down or accumulate ice.

At $890, the smaller AOA Sport is designed for tight panels and uses a simplified, three-color LED ladder. The Sport includes the same aural voice warnings as the AOA Pro and can be powered with a 9-volt battery or by the standard 14 or 28 aircraft bus systems.

For a complete review of the two AOA systems, read Taming the Invisible in the February 2003 issue of KITPLANES. For more information on any of AFSs products, call 503/598-7727 or visit either company web site: or


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