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Dan Vance is a mechanical engineer who has had his private pilot certificate for 45 years. He enjoys creating and fabricating things (website: gdimfg.com) almost as much as he enjoys flying.

Releasable Piano Hinge Pin Retainer

There are lots of creative ways that builders have devised for retaining piano hinge pins. Many of them are “permanent,” so if removal is...

DIY Adjustable Rib Centerline Marking Tool

As a new builder I came quickly to the step of needing to mark rib centerlines to align the ribs with the predrilled holes in the skin.

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Sun n Fun musings and more.

Rag Wing Roots

These days, I seem to be associated mostly with metal airplanes, RVs in particular....

KITPLANES Virtual Round Table: Shops and Shop Spaces

Whether you build in a big box or a one-car garage, you can benefit from shop organization and tool selection.

Build It Better: What’s Your Backup Plan?

The word “redundancy” is often heard in aviation, and with good reason. But a well-thought-out backup plan involves more than just having two of everything.