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Nigel Speedy started flying helicopters with the Australian Army and is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School. He currently instructs at the National Test Pilot School in Mojave, California. Nigel enjoys flying his Van's RV-8 and the freedom of E/A-B to experiment.

The trip to Sun 'n Fun

Well I guess it was a bit optimistic to expect that I could fly from one side of the country to the other on...

Effect of Fairings on Speed

Compared to the high cost of horsepower, reducing drag is a much less expensive way to go faster.

Effect of Propeller RPM on Speed, Efficiency, Noise, and Vibration

Getting better performance from a constant-speed prop.

Early Start Thwarted

The show is over and I need to be back to work in California on Monday morning, so I'm up at the crack of...

Tri-Motor and Other Fun

Wednesday turned out to be a little damper than earlier in the week but you could still have a packed day of aviation  adventure....

Alpha Electro – an Electric Pipistrel

A European company with a solid presence at this year Oshkosh was Pipistrel. The aircraft that took my fancy was the Alpha Electro, a...

The Enjoyable Trip to Oshkosh

When thinking of Oshkosh it would be easy to focus on the air show itself, but a big part of the experience can be the trip there. I take great delight in using my RV-8 to travel places that would be impractical by other means.

Contentment, Mate!

Could have camped but having Girl in Back and some coworkers made renting a house necessary. Lovely Brad and Angie were willing to swap...

Vortex Generators on an RV-8

Do they really make a difference?

TIG Welding Class

The event has the word 'Fun' in its title and is billed as 'Spring Break for Pilots' so you can be forgiven if you...

In Case You Missed it

The Dawn Patrol

Triumphs and disastrophes.

Ask the DAR

Mel Asberry clarifies the requirements for a builders log. The bottom line? The requirements are minimal: It should show that you actually built the aircraft, but its helpful to show as much detail as you can. And make sure you're in the photos, doing the work.

What’s New

Sportairs Sirius LSA is available for demo flights, the Spider Tracks viewer allows you to track flights on your iPhone and MGL Avionics Second Generation EFISes debut. Edited by Mary Bernard

Anywhere Map Travel Companion

Bob Fritz takes Anywhere Maps new PDA Travel Companion for a test ride, and discusses what features are winners and what comes up short.