Contentment, Mate!


Could have camped but having Girl in Back and some coworkers made renting a house necessary. Lovely Brad and Angie were willing to swap cash for a place to sleep. Coming from Australia I am used to Americans not understanding what I say but now I know how they feel, you betcha, don’t you know.

Lots of education and recreation to be had at AirVenture today.

Started out with a forum on EGT myths with Mike Busch. Pressed on to the Vans tent and checked out the updated RV-12. Zenith also had a new aircraft on display, a larger version of the 750 dubbed the Super Duty. The air show kicked off with a high speed pass of a B-1, wings swept back low and loud. It finished with Rob Holland doing some extreme aerobatics. I liked his forward tumbles while flying sideways.

A short walk away in the Boeing Plaza the lead C-47 of the Normandy invasion was on display as The Bare Naked Ladies started banging out some of their classic tunes.

Out the door I couldn’t help but stop by the Vans Air Force beer call and sample some Spotted Cow. The afternoon sky writer sums up the day nicely.

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