The trip to Sun 'n Fun


Well I guess it was a bit optimistic to expect that I could fly from one side of the country to the other on my way to Sun ‘n Fun without the weather intervening. A good reminder that while small planes offer great freedom and flexibility they don’t do thunderstorms really well. So any big cross-country plan needs to include plenty of fat so you don’t fall victim to press-on-itis. With this in mind I’m sitting out Tuesday in Mississippi and will have another go tomorrow. Still plenty of air show left so no need to attempt to outrun lightning.

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Nigel Speedy
Nigel Speedy started flying helicopters with the Australian Army and is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School. He currently instructs at the National Test Pilot School in Mojave, California. Nigel enjoys flying his Van's RV-8 and the freedom of E/A-B to experiment.


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