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Richard VanGrunsven

Error Chain

Triple Whammy! By Richard VanGrunsven.

AKIA Industry Insights

Advice to designers and one designer’s response. By Richard VanGrunsven.

Unusual Attitude

Vans Aircraft founder Richard VanGrunsven considers flight safety, and how improving our building and piloting skills would do more to reduce the number of mishaps than additional regulations would.

In Case You Missed it

Alignment aids for Lycoming oil screen housings.

By William Rynone, Ph.D., P.E.

Legal Eagle XL

Sometimes slow and steady wins the race, especially when you want a leisurely wind-in-your-hair, no-fuss flight. The plansbuilt Legal Eagle XL answers that call.

Plane and Simple

Silicone tape-its for a lot more than just emergencies.

Home Shop Machinist

Cool tools for lathe work.