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Bob Nuckolls retired from Beech Aircraft in 2007 after more than 45 years of work in certificated aviation and over 25 years of support for the homebuilt aircraft industry. Bob publishes "The AeroElectric Connection" from his website at www.aeroelectric.com He also hosts the AeroElectric-List on Matronics.com. This special interest forum serves approximately 1600 participants.

Practical Electrical

Wire termination science, part 2.

Practical Electrical

Wire termination science, part 1.

DIY Bond Studs

Cost-effective ways to restrain wiring and small equipment.

In Case You Missed it

Archive: October 2000

Our October 2000 issue featured the Stolp Starduster Too, a huge section on readers...

Wind Tunnel

To find the speed, lose the drag.

Antenna Installations

Sourcing the right antennas for your kits avionics suite is only half the chore. Placement, proper grounding, and routine upkeep are critical to performance.

Aero ‘lectrics

Common courtesy.