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Ty Connell grew up in the shadow of Naval Air Station Oceana on the East Coast and has been fascinated with aircraft since his youth. Still a student pilot, he is currently working on a Van’s RV-14A.

Repairing a Damaged Lead Counterweight

When trimming the elevator counterweights of a Van’s RV-14 kit, I modified one of the weights incorrectly. This led to the holes in the...

In Case You Missed it

A Great Compromise

Building an airplane usually requires a long-term commitment, not entirely dissimilar to the one that is made when saying I do. Yet many builders lose sight of this when building, sometimes even forgetting that they have a spouse. The commitment to the project must be matched by the commitment to maintaining a spousal relationship, and a little forethought and planning can help both builder and spouse enjoy not only the process, but the end result.


Skills transference, part 1.

Rag Wing Roots

These days, I seem to be associated mostly with metal airplanes, RVs in particular....

2018 Engine Buyer’s Guide

162 ways to turn fuel into thrust.