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Ty Connell grew up in the shadow of Naval Air Station Oceana on the East Coast and has been fascinated with aircraft since his youth. Still a student pilot, he is currently working on a Van’s RV-14A.

Repairing a Damaged Lead Counterweight

When trimming the elevator counterweights of a Van’s RV-14 kit, I modified one of the weights incorrectly. This led to the holes in the...

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University of Jabiru

If you're considering or have already made the decision to use a Jabiru engine on your kit aircraft, Texas Sport Cub builder Dave Prizio says this three-day course will add to your confidence when installing and maintaining it.

On Getting Dark

Tyrants make memorable flight instructors, a good thing when the lessons being imparted need...


Editor at Large Marc Cook takes to the soapbox to expound on the ever-increasing fees imposed by the FAA.

The Scratch-Building Alternative

Mark Townsend’s scratch-building seminar allows builders to come away with the hands-on experience and the confidence they’ll need to start building a kit aircraft such as the Zenith STOL CH 701 from plans.