Aveo Engineering Introduces PowerBurst LEDs


Aveo Engineering has become well known for its high-intensity, high-quality LED lighting products, and it is expected that these elegant, finely engineered pieces would be expensive. But the company showed a new line at Oshkosh this year called PowerBurst. And they retail for just $400 a pair.

These elongated-teardrop wingtip lights include powerful LED position lights as well as high-intensity strobes. The company says the PowerBurst lights are waterproof, unbreakable, and vibration-proof. What’s more, they require no external power supply or strobe power supply. In steady-state (nav) mode, the light consume less than a quarter of an amp, and while flashing, each unit pulls a 1.65 amps for 200 milliseconds.

For more technical information, visit the company’s worldwide site. For the location of retailers, visit the company’s US site.


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