Badland Aircraft Speeds Up Production

Chris Deuel.

Badland Aircraft, a manufacturer of Part 103 legal ultralights with folding wings, have been working through an order backlog that has customers waiting months on product deliveries. Chris Deuel, Badland’s owner, announced at the show that they have recently acquired a CNC cutting machine that allows production to increase by a 3-fold factor.

Much of their fabrication time is spend cutting and welding the steel tubes that make up their ultralight fuselage cages. Joining multiple small tubes together for welding requires precision cuts that are time consuming when done by hand. The new CNC machinery drastically reduces this time and provides a better fit. Chris says that modern technology results in customers getting their orders much quicker now. All of their models are designed capable of being 100% Part 103 legal and can be purchased as kits or completely finished. Visit their website for more information:

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Jon Croke
As the founder of, Jon Croke has produced instructional videos for Experimental aircraft builders for over 10 years. He has built (and helped others build) over a dozen kit aircraft of all makes and models. Jon is a private pilot and currently owns and flies a Zenith Cruzer.


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