Bearhawk Canada Formed

Mike Silvernagle and his Bearhawk 4-Place.
Mike Silvernagle and his Bearhawk 4-Place.

Bearhawk Aircraft announced the formation of Bearhawk Canada to further expand its operations in the vast regions of North America. An agreement has been made with Mike Silvernagle in Saskatchewan to represent Bearhawk Aircraft in Canada for sales, service, parts and support of the three models of Bearhawk aircraft kits.

Mike Silvernagle will base Bearhawk Canada operations on a private 2,500-foot grass strip in southeastern Saskatchewan where customers can visit to check out the Bearhawk lineup and experience demonstration flights. After having flown all three Bearhawk models, including the 4-Place, Patrol and LSA, Mike’s enthusiasm for how well the airplanes fly motivated him to want to distribute the aircraft kits in his native Canada.

Mike’s background in aviation started in the Canadian Advanced Ultra-Light Aeroplanes (AULA) category. Having built and flown various makes and models, Mike became an instructor for these aircraft. More recently Mike owned and operated a Piper PA18-160 Super Cub, an Aeronca Champ and a Cessna 185. Comparing the Bearhawk line of aircraft to those he had flown previously, Mike exclaimed, “The Bearhawks are much better in many ways, and the benefits of operating in the experimental side of aviation in Canada are favorable when compared to certified aircraft. Bearhawk aircraft offer many advantages for Canadian pilots who often use their planes to hunt and fish in the backcountry and visit the numerous rough-field and shorter landing strips.”

Mike recently purchased a flying 4-Place Bearhawk. He is also nearing the completion of his Bearhawk Patrol quick-build kit project. Mike will follow with the construction of a Bearhawk LSA, also from a quick-build kit. His background in AULA has given Mike an appreciation for the flying qualities of the Bearhawk LSA, which Mike considers to be “The best all-around flying airplane I have ever flown.” Mike plans to take the Bearhawk LSA through the approval process for AULA in Canada.

Mike Silvernagle's Bearhawk Patrol project.
Mike Silvernagle’s Bearhawk Patrol project.

The Bearhawk is a Go Anywhere aircraft that performs a variety of flying activities well. The 4-Place Bearhawk fills a utility and transport role with its large cabin. The Bearhawk Patrol is a tandem 2-place version that excels at accessing remote airstrips. The Bearhawk LSA is a lightweight design that meets U.S. Sport Pilot requirements. Each aircraft shares backcountry qualities that include stable slow flight and higher than expected cruise speeds.

All three Bearhawk models feature a Riblett airfoil. According to Bearhawk design engineer Bob Barrows, “These airfoils are the safest available providing good speed and performance in every regime of flight, especially slow flight. After many thousands of hours of flight, the Riblett airfoil, and Riblett modified 4412 airfoil on the original Bearhawk, are the best and safest airfoils available for the type of flying Bearhawks are designed for. In particular, these airfoils eliminate the notorious and abrupt ‘moose stall’ occurring in low-flying steep turns.”

Bearhawk Aircraft manufactures high quality quick-build kits for the Bearhawk 4-Place, tandem two-place Bearhawk Patrol and Bearhawk LSA. Remaining part of the Bearhawk Canada team, and supporting Mike Silvernagle, will be Steve Busby of Aerolite,, in Ontario.

For more information on Bearhawk Canada, visit, or contact Mike Silvernagle at [email protected] or 306-740-8803.

For more information on Bearhawk Aircraft, visit, or contact Bearhawk at [email protected] or 1-877-528-4776.


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