Bede BD-6 Re-introduced


Jim Bede may have recently passed away, but Jim Bede Jr. continues the family company. In fact, Bedecorp is reintroducing the BD-6 with several upgrades.

Bedecorp is showing a freshened BD-6 at Air Venture. The light, angle-channel truss and tube spar construction continue.

The newest BD-6 now uses fiberglass landing gear and honeycomb panels several places around the airframe. The design continues with the wings and tail from the diminutive single-seat BD-17, along with 60 hp worth of HKS power.

For 2015 the BD-4 gains a rear door on the left side for better access. Recommended engine for it is the 250 hp UL Power 350 cylinder.

The BD-6 landing gear structure has been modified for fiberglass single leaf landing gear.
Honeycomb panels are now used in selected spots around the BD-6 airframe. A finished BD-17 is in the background.



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