Belite Discounts Wing Kit for Limited Time Only


Belite Aircraft is offering its wing kit at a reduced price of $999 (regularly $1430) through Monday, April 4. The wing kit includes everything needed to build two wings, with the exception of glue, fabric, flaperons and tools. Crating is $150, and truck delivery will be quoted.

Belite Aircraft offers an ultralight with the feel of a real airplane. The Belite incorporates stronger, lighter, carbon-fiber technologies, and the result is a full-featured airplane with an instrument panel that meets the 254-pound limit specified in FAR Part 103.

The weight of the Belite is about 180 pounds, not including instruments and firewall forward. A modern two-stroke engine rounds out the package.

The Belite offers a climb rate of 400 fpm, a cruise speed of 62 mph and 2-hour endurance. Build time is less than 200 hours (not including fabric and paint), the company says.

The wing kit is an ideal starting point for customers who want to step into aircraft kit construction without committing to the entire project up front, the company says. It includes aluminum spars and stamped aluminum ribs.

Find a complete report on the Belite in the April 2011 issue of KITPLANES.

For more information on the Belite or to order the wing kit, email [email protected] or visit


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