RADIANT Introduces New Gauges

RADIANT 4 channel Engine Temperature Gauge

RADIANT Technology released several new products during AirVenture.

4 channel Engine Temperature Gauge, which gives the pilot a continuous display of 4 CHT or 4 EGT temperatures, with color coding that immediately shows over-temperature conditions. The gauge also has a numeric readout.

“4 channels of information is awesome for troubleshooting minor problems in an aircraft engine, and is also invaluable for normal engine temperature monitoring,” said James Wiebe, CEO of Radiant Technology. “We’re providing this capability in a low cost, very easy to install system, including probes,” he continued.

The new Engine Temperature Gauges are available in a variety of configurations, with direct support for Rotax, ULPower, Continental and Lycoming engines. The factory can easily customize temperature ranges for any application.

Engine Monitor with oil pressure, temperature, fuel pressure, RPM and voltage unit provides the pilot with critical elements of engine operation: oil pressure, temperature, fuel pressure, RPM and voltage. These parameters are displayed on RADIANT’s proven and brilliant full color LCD screen.

RADIANT Engine Monitor

All probes are included. The monitor may be ordered in preset configurations for Rotax and ULPower, along with configurations which work great on Continental and Lycoming engines.

An emphasis in this new product is ease of installation. Temperature and pressure ranges are factory set, easing installation anxiety. Also included are probes and harnesses, standard.

Another great feature is the ability of the unit to operate on system voltages as low as 8.00 volts — allowing operation in declining voltages when an aircraft is experiencing a battery or alternator problem.

“Years of experience in the aircraft electronic market has taught us that users value simplicity, reliability, and ease of installation,” said James Wiebe, CEO of Radiant. “We are providing an engine monitoring system that is simultaneously information rich and discernible at a glance, while being easy to install,” he continued.

The Engine Monitor from Radiant is priced at $499.95 in any configuration. First shipment in September.

Ultrasonic non-contact, non-invasive fuel probe is RADIANT Technology’s latest probe technology uses ultrasound to measure the height of fluid within virtually any enclosure. This non-invasive, non-contact technology eases installation while providing a fuel level signal which is transmitted via a serial link to the fuel gauge. The entire unit is contained within a small puck which measures slightly over 1″ in diameter.

RADIANT Ultrasonic non-contact, non-invasive fuel probe.

The new technology is not expensive, priced at $99.95 for the sensor. RADIANT is simultaneously introducing a RADIANT Fuel Gauge (digital) which accepts the sensor input and provides a fuel level indication on one or two tanks to the pilot.

Direct EFIS integration is possible but would require EFIS vendor support to read the digital serial channel.

A controller module is also available which converts the digital value into a more conventional 0 to 5 volt linear output. This output is compatible with all EFIS units and many standalone gauges.

“This is a different, better way to measure fuel,” said James Wiebe, CEO of Radiant. “It allows fuel measurement without going inside the tank. It keeps the measured value in the digital domain, which reduces system error budgets.”

To ensure universal compatibility, a separate controller is also available which converts the digital signal to classic 0 – 5 volt output.

The new BINGO 3 Liquid Sensor came about as a result of Jim Wiebe’s Chipper accident that is believed to have been caused by fuel starvation.

RADIANT Bingo 3 Liquid Sensor
RADIANT Bingo 3 Liquid Sensor

The latest version accurately identifies the presence or absence of liquids of any type and is designed for tank installation in a nearly unobtrusive manner.  It is normally installed in a fuel or header tank in a location which alerts the pilot to the presence or absence of fuel at that location.

The new product is aimed at reducing accidents based on fuel monitoring errors, and is inexpensive, starting at $39.95 for the base sensor (BINGO-3A).

“After my recent fuel related accident in Alaska, I’ve put more thought into effective fuel and fluid monitoring,” said James Wiebe, CEO of Radiant Technology.  “We’ve increased ease of installation and reduced cost as well.  We’ve also made the sensor reliable with more fluid types.”

The new version of Bingo is available in different versions:

  • Base version, ideal for OEM integration and also general technical users ($39.95, part # Bingo-3A).
  • Base unit with tiny base interface board, which allows use of +12 volts and provides an LED driver output and EFIS output ($59.95, part # Bingo-3B).
  • Base unit with advanced remote control board, which allows use of +12V, and also has a dimmable LED display which may be turned off and a 6′ plug and play wiring harness ($99.95, part # Bingo-3C).

The BINGO 3 Fluid Detector is one in the line of aviation instruments offered by Belite Enterprises through its Radiant Technology line of products. The Radiant instrument line combines many functions into simple, small lightweight units and uses sunlight readable full color high contrast LCD screens.




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