Belite's New Universal Airspeed Indicator


Radiant Technology is now shipping its new Universal Airspeed Indicator. Over the years Radiant Technology (a Belite Enterprises Company) has developed and improved technology for this instrument which is suited for experimental, light sport and ultralight aircraft. The new instrument works across 3 different speed ranges and knots / MPH. It has a number of features which are important to pilots, with features that are not available in expensive glass panels or in older steam gauges.

  • HUGE readable bright digits perfect for any conditions, including sunny days
  • Airspeed information is presented 3 ways: current bar graph, historical trend, and huge numerical digits.
  • All speed ranges are user definable across total range, green, yellow, redline, and flapline (white).
  • Digital sensor is incredibly precise, especially at moderate to high speeds.
  • Caution indication
  • Works with standard pitot and static lines.
  • Works with any system voltage from 8 to 32 volts.

James Wiebe, CEO of Radiant Tehcnology, remarked: “This new ASI provides pilots with big numeric digits, a smooth historical trendline, and everything is selectable at setup time. It covers the most popular speed ranges, and works in knots or MPH. It even indicates when flaps may be extended and flags a warning when airspeed is too low (or too high). This advances this instrument to what we truly believe is best in class for the experimental market.”

Available now – stock to two weeks shipping time. Cost is $299.95. Visit the Belite store to order.


  1. I’m looking to incorporate to my Scout ultralight Airspeed Indicator and altimeter. How much is the cost of them delivered to 4558 Australia?


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