New LED-based instruments from Radiant Technology


Radiant Instruments introduced its new line of inexpensive, daylight-readable LED-based instruments. Designed to run off of standard 12 volts, this new line of instruments is thin and very lightweight, ideal for installation in experimental and ultralight aircraft.

Round fuel gauge.

“We started our instrumentation offerings over 10 years ago with this type of small, lightweight instrument. Now we’re bringing it back with the benefit of many years of experience in developing aircraft instrumentation. These are the most reliable yet, and full of features in a tiny footprint,” said James Wiebe, President/CEO of Radiant Technology LLC.

The LED instruments are offered in two physical sizes. ROUND is designed to fit a standard 2.25″ round cutout, while SQUARE is even smaller, designed to fit flush to instrument panels in an enclosure that is 2″ square and a 1/4″ thick. The smaller gauge weighs in at 14 grams (1/2 ounce). It’s also dimmable using a standard external potentiometer (not included). Single or Dual channel is also available.

The first of the series is the new LED Fuel Gauge which includes some great features, such as calibration for empty and full and very low power consumption, at 45 milliamps. Customers can also choose input types of standard 0 to 5-volt range or resistive sender.

Square fuel gauge.

Shipping will begin in September, but orders can be made now. Retail prices start at $139 and up, depending on variation. Sale prices for August orders are $30 off the retail price. Customers may place orders online at or purchase from Aircraft Spruce.

The Radiant instrument line combines many functions into simple, small lightweight units and uses sunlight readable full color high contrast LCD as well as LED screens.


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