Chipper Aerospace Up For Sale


Following a fire earlier this year that destroyed much of the company’s inventory and tooling, James and Kathy Wiebe have decided they cannot continue operating the Chipper Aircraft side of the business and are offering it for sale.

In a message on the Chipper website James and Kathy explain:

“Our business insurance has provided us with a partial payback on what we owned.

We did not receive enough insurance proceeds to continue to operate. We did not have business interruption insurance. The life savings of James and Kathy were invested in the business, and it is gone now, without recovery. Therefore, James is focused on creating current and future income through electronics work.

Chipper 2

We prioritized insurance proceeds to pay the debts of the business and, to the best of our abilities, the obligations to our customers.”

The Radiant Technology side of the business remains open.

For more information visit the Chipper website:


  1. I am sooo sorry to hear this. I was looking forward to this aircraft. I think I know how devestating this has been to the booth of you. I’m soo sorry I cannot help you out. Hopefully some one will.


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