Belite Releases New RADIANT Turn Coordinator. 15% Discount thru Sept. 30


belite-radiant-turn-coordinatorNew Electric Turn Coordinator Features

  • Unit weighs 1.8 ounces and is thinner than a quarter
  • Excellent source of turn rate and slip/skid, simultaneously
  • Unit uses any power source from 10 to 36 volts
  • Resets from any aircraft upset position

The RADIANT Turn Coordinator provides a visual indication of turn rate along with a visual indication of slip/skid, using an ultra bright, daylight readable color LCD display.

belite-turn-coordinator-thicknessIn comparison to all other Turn Coordinators, this unit also provides a digital indication of degrees per second in the turn. It is also inexpensive, at $299.95.Any pilot who has ever wanted to add a turn coordinator to an experimental aircraft panel has been put off by the complexity, weight, reliability, and price of traditional electric or vacuum units.

According to Belite, this new product solves all these problems. It uses a solid state gyro and accelerometer; it weighs less than 2 ounces, it attaches to any aircraft ship power system, and it allows for easy in flight calibration at the push of a button.

The unit’s graphic design looks exactly like existing turn coordinators, so there is no learning curve for the pilot.

Also, unlike some products, its gyro will stabilize even if brought to power under aircraft upset conditions.

This is the first avionics product from Belite which is also compatible with 28V aircraft electrical systems. The internal power regulator has been designed to withstand transients to 60 volts.

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