Best Workshop Photo Contest Winner


Winner of Best of… Workshops: Shawn Edwards of Atlanta, Georgia. This is Shawn’s RV-14A vertical stabilizer in the shop. Apparently, Shawn has mastered a method for producing airplane parts without contaminating the workbench and floor with dust and aluminum shavings. Surely that’s what’s shown in this photo. 🙂




Next Best of… Experimental Panels Photo Contest

Aircraft-Spruce_gift_cardNo matter what you built and fly, it probably has an instrument panel. Even the Wright Flyer had a few instruments – simple as they were – and while Experimental aircraft in the US are’t really required to have anything, most builders lavish a great deal of time and attention on the part of their airplane they look at the most. We’d like to see your best panel pictures – and remember that best picture is not the same as best panel. Who can really say what the best panel is anyway? For some it is the one that cost the most money. For others, it is one that is laid out for the easiest operation. Many think that symmetry is essential in a panel – and others just love anything with a wood grain, a leather combing, and a little brass that is typical of an old-timey biplane reproduction. Be proud of your work, no matter if it is VFR or IFR – we hope to see as many Peitenpol and Baby Ace panels as we see those from Lancairs, Sportsmen and RVs.


Instrument Panel

So let’s see those panel pictures! Submit your photo today – the winner will receive a $25 gift certificate from Aircraft Spruce.


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