Bilodeau Kolb Firefly



I purchased this Kolb Firefly, partly covered quick-build kit on Craigslist for $6,000 with the engine, materials, BRS, and propeller, after the previous owner passed away. It took me twelve weeks to finish. With my name being Al, and an Air Force vet, I figured Al-Force-One would be a great name!

I taught myself to fly in an MX Sport. This is my second aircraft, and being a tail-dragger, it took some runs up and down runway to get rudder control down—then off I went! It has been a dream come true and such a great flying machine. I’m at X49, south of Lakeland, Florida. Come out say hi, meet the group and join in on the fun!

The engine is a Rotax 447 and it’s equipped with a ballistic recovery chute. This is my first build and I hope you all like her.

Great magazine –  I always look forward much to the next issue – keep em coming!

Allan Bilodeau
Lakeland, Florida


  1. curious how long it took you to find that deal? Fireflys are hard to find. Not that many FAR 103 craft available on the used market anyway. Your Kolb looks great. Enjoy.

  2. What a great story and little airplane! I’m looking at getting one myself. Sounds like you were the recipient of a great deal! My only concern is the chrome moly gear-leg design. Have you had any trouble with them bending? Also, if I can ask, I’m about 245 lbs and 6’4″, do you think it would fit me? Thanks!

  3. You lucky son of a gun, also a AF vet, love the plane, paint and name. I’m looking for a Kolb now! Happy flying.

  4. hay man 15 and year old and my dream is to fly for commercially and I also love to learn how to fly a small airplane and a came across you and I see that that kolb firefly is at a great deal.


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