Bob Nuckolls and Morrie Hummel Inducted into EAA Hall of Fame


Notable contributors to the world of homebuilts were inducted into EAA’s Sport Aviation Halls of Fame on November 7 during a ceremony at the EAA Aviation Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Among them are Robert “Bob” Nuckols and James Morris “Morrie” Hummel.

Homebuilders Hall of Fame: Robert Nuckolls

Bob Nuckolls. (Photo: EAA)

Nuckolls’ knowledge of aircraft electrical systems has been invaluable for aircraft builders for more than 30 years. With a passion of electronics that began in childhood, Nuckolls’ publication The AeroElectric Connection has been a staple for builders.

Nuckolls has worked for every airframe manufacturer in his home region of Wichita, Kansas, and retired in 2007 as an acknowledged leading expert in aircraft electronics. He continues his design and consulting work today.

Kitplanes magazine was proud to have Bob Nuckolls as a contributor, and our editor-at-large encouraged Bob to write some more articles for the magazine in the future. Nuckolls responded with a smile, saying that “he’ll look around his desk and see what topics our readers might find interesting.”

Ultralights Hall of Fame: James Morris “Morrie” Hummel (posthumous)

Morry Hummel played a major role in the interest and growth of the ultralight community, beginning with his HummelBird in the 1980s – a modified Windwagon that included a version that used a converted Volkswagen engine. In the 1990s, Hummel designed and flew the all-metal UltraCruiser.

Hummel’s flying career spanned nearly 50 years until he was in his early 90s. He died in 2010 at age 94.

Hummel’s award was given posthumously, but was received by his family with gratitude, and quite a bit of good humor. His award was well-received and appreciated by the crowd who gave Hummel’s sister a standing ovation.



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