Rick Richardson's Lancair Legacy FG



After starting with three week’s of Lancair’s factory-assist builders program, my plane received its airworthiness certificate exactly three years later in July 2010. This was my first time to do such a project and it was quite a learning experience! I delayed submitting my “completion article” until the plane was finished, but I now understand that it will never be completely “finished.”

This Legacy is different from most in that it has the carbon fiber body, but with fixed gear. The best thing about this plane is the great visibility. It feels like you are just sitting out on the wing. Cross country trips are a real pleasure. The Continental IO-550 engine, operating LOP, runs cool and only burns around 12 gph while cruising at 210 knots.

The panel includes an Advanced Flight Systems 4500 (with the primary flight instruments, full engine monitoring, synthetic vision and AOA), plus Garmin 430, 330 and a 340, a TruTrak autopilot, Garmin 496 for XM weather and backup, and finally an iPadMini running Fore Flight.

Thanks for help and support goes to many people. First my wife, Donna, for her patience and continued support. Then all my Spicewood Airport friends who were always available with help and advice. Special thanks to Ernie Sutter for doing the initial test flights! And finally to Carey Day, of Day Aircraft Refinishers in Brady Texas,for all his work to bring my paint scheme to life.

Location: Lakeway, Texas

e-mail address: [email protected]






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