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As I have mentioned before, while still quite content with the versatility of my RV-10, I nevertheless have a considerable itch to build something new. In preparation for coming to AirVenture 2022, I made a mental note of several models that I would have interest in, not only from a media standpoint, but as a potential buyer as well. One of those models of interest is the Murphy Moose whose draw to me is as a rugged heavy hauler with six seats (4+2)—a personal interest inspired by my early career days flying tourists and river-runners in Cessna T207’s.

Part of Murphy’s resurgence from COVID shutdown and new ownership is to refresh and update their product line and the big Moose is no exception. Across the entire product line, Murphy is focusing on refinement of the manufacturing and build process to make production easier for both the factory and its customers. Strength is being added where necessary, but weight savings is also a prime target where available.

A few major refinements for the next-gen Moose include a new modular-type instrument panel design to better favor modern glass installations and serviceability, along with interior upholstery and accoutrement packages to ease “finishing out” the build. Bubble-type windows to facilitate ground observation are expected to be offered as available options. One of the biggest design changes will be a totally new oleo strut-based steerable nose gear option, for those who desire such, even though the company still expects the tail wheel models to be the majority of sales.

The company has a demo/prototype Moose fuselage and wing at their OshKosh display highlighting some of the changes. The newly refined kits are targeted to be available in mid 2023.


  1. I fee sad for the Murphy company. When I was younger and short of money, I wanted to build the Murphy, being a more complete metal airplane than the Kitfox. Kitfox is still around but the Murphy company is now in hibernation. Timing is tough because the Vans RV15 kit is also planned for sale in 2023.

  2. I’m not to sure what you mean by hybernation I’ve just got an email from them today stating “we will be starting a production run of the Moose in January which will be available for shipping in June.” the bad news for me is my wife probably wont let me order a tail kit till 2024 so I’ll be missing that run


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