Management Changes at Rans Aircraft

Randy Schlitter and Tony Dopita.

At a Tuesday morning press conference at AirVenture 2022, Rans Aircraft founder and owner Randy Schlitter announced a new managerial restructuring of the company. Long time employee and son of an early Rans builder, Tony Dopita will be assuming the role of President of the company.

Randy Schlitter, who is not leaving the company, announced his new role as CEB “Chief Errand Boy” but later hinted at focusing on R&D projects that he described as needing attention of late.

After his introduction, the new president announced recent approval for the company’s new 51% builder assist program at its Hayes Kansas facility. A brief description was given as customers spending two weeks at the factory receiving assistance building the airframe and then returning back to the factory a month or so later for final assembly of what will be freshly painted components. The assist program is initially slated to start with just the S-21 model.

Both leaders described the current company sales and production status as “overwhelmingly busy”.

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Myron Nelson
Myron Nelson soloed at 16 and has been a professional pilot for over 30 years, having flown for Lake Powell Air, SkyWest Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. He also flies for the Flying Samaritans, a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that provides medical and dental care in Baja California, Mexico. A first-time builder, Myron currently flies N24EV, his beautiful RV-10. He has also owned a C-150 and a Socata TB-9.


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