dan Checkoway

Meet Checkoway for a cup of coffee and some peach cobbler at Flos Airport Cafe (Chino, California; sniff your way to the cows and turn right), and he comes across as a “nice young man.” But as you’ll see in his inaugural “Dans World” column (Page 68), he has an opinion or two to share, presented with an edge of conviction thats utterly convincing. We welcome Dans perspective as a builder who has learned whats important about flying his RV-7.


Chuck Deiterich

“When I worked for NASA at Johnson Space Center, I led the team that developed the Shuttle runway landing aids. We used PAPIs for the 18 outer glideslope and the ball/bar for the 1.5 inner glideslope.” His description of a civilian version of the ball/bar starts on Page 30.
Deiterich is among the thousands of individuals who made our space program great. As time moves us further away from those successes, its too easy to dismiss their contributions to science and national pride. So dont.


Roger Wolthuis

Roger Wolthuis is a semi-retired medical scientist turned entrepreneur, and his RV-9A building partner, Rex Smith, is a retired Northwest Airlines captain. Starting on Page 33 is their story of an ever-evolving instrument panel and the background on the purchase decisions. If you ever felt yourself on the horns of a dilemma, rest assured you have company. Both men live in Woodinville, Washington, and are members of EAA Chapter 84. Their RV-9A is hangared at the Arlington, Washington, airport.



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