Kitplanes Flies Cubcrafters EX-3



Cubcrafters, the Yakima-based creator of the Carbon Cub and a variety of experimental Cub kits, has recently introduced their beefy -3 model–available as the FX-3 (factory assisted build) or the EX-3 (homebuilt kit).

Featuring an airframe several hundred pounds lighter than a traditional Super Cub, but with 180 or 186 HP and a constant speed prop, this is the high-performance airplane in their line-up, and its Experimental! The EX/FX-3 has an increased gross weight of 2000 lb, which coupled to the low empty weight makes for a tremendous useful load.

We got a chance to fly the factory prototype this week in the mountains west of Yakima, and were impressed with the performance, both as a respectable cruise machine and one intended for getting in and out of tight places. It has excellent handling qualities and is an easy airplane to fly on grass, pavement – or whatever you might find. We checked the airplane out with Cubcrafters president Randy Lervold in the back seat, and after a few landings and some stalls, he turned us loose to have some fun–a testament to the faith they have in the docility of the craft.

Kitplanes Editor in Chief Paul Dye logged several hours in the plane which features – among many things – a new cabin heat system which was quite welcome while flying over Washington’s Goat Rocks Wilderness in sub-freezing temperatures. His appreciation goes out to the guys in the camera ship, who had to put up with the same temperatures with their door and window open.

Look for a full review of the new EX/FX – 3 in an upcoming issue of Kitplanes Magazine.

CubCrafters FX-3
CubCrafters FX-3 flown by Paul Dye over Washington’s Goat Rocks Wilderness. Photos: Chris Cram – Courtesy Cubcrafters


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