CassuTT Owner Creighton King Killed In Crash

Creighton King

The family of CassuTT owner Creighton King has confirmed he died in the crash of his race plane near West Jordan Airport in Utah Wednesday. The tiny single-seat plane went down on a soccer park near the airport that local media say has been used twice for emergency landings in the last year. The aircraft crashed on the soccer pitch and went through a chain link fence before crossing a road and stopping next to a sidewalk. The pilot was declared dead at the scene and was not formally identified. However, tributes are pouring in on social media for King.

King was well known in Formula 1 airplane racing circles and the kit industry for his adaptation of the venerable CassuTT design. The T-tailed CassuTT has set speed records and was a modernized version of the original design. His sister Harmonie King Wheeler confirmed the bad news late Wednesday afternoon. “We are devastated to lose my brother Creighton King in the plane crash today in West Jordan,” she wrote on Facebook. She also expressed thanks for the many messages of support and said the family needs time to process their loss before announcing any services for him.


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