What Do I Call It?

According to all of the Facebook reminders popping up on my feed, its been almost exactly two years since I did the first flight...

There Are Always Alternatives

My recent Kneeboard Note on drilling bolts to create lighter weights for prop balancing generated a fair number of responses - all the way...

Hollow Bolts for Propeller Balancing

Lighten the steel bolts for dynamic propeller balancing.
Hartzell 3-blade Explorer propeller

Another Week, Another Prop

This week, we’re flying the new “Explorer” three-blade composite prop from Hartzell on our RV-8.

Titan IO-340 Engine Unboxing

Ever wonder what it's like to get a factory-fresh engine delivered? Is there fanfare and a marching band? No. But it's still exciting. KITPLANES...

ABC: Always Be Curious

I’ve spent so much time at the nose of my GlaStar, what with the engine change and all, that I was starting to get...

I Spent How Much? Oh… OK…

I just placed an order with our favorite major aircraft parts vendor for some tires. Small, little tires. A couple of tailwheel pneumatic tires...

The Little Things Can Get Ya’…

When I was a teenager, I was a member of an Aviation Explorer Post that was sponsored by an FBO. We got to spend...

Clocks & Timers

Recently, a friend who owns both a certified airplane and a homebuilt asked my advice on what to do about the timer mounted in...

No Charge – No Kidding!

Crimps are important, and as much as we hate it, you need special tools to do them right.

In Case You Missed it


Soaring on homebuilt wings.

Engine Theory: Management

Ignition and engine management-taking control of the combustion process.


Builders share their successes.

Ask the DAR

Condition inspections, N-number problems, removing an electrical system and transponder.