Saturday Morning Scud

Pilots are sitting in their airplanes this morning at Wittman field, waiting on the IFR conditions to lift so that the mass exodus from...

On the Way There

After four trips to AirVenture in the RV-10, we decided to park the tent and take the land-based RV (Motorhome) and try the Scholler...

Friday is the New Saturday

It's a natural evolutionary process—when an event gets big enough, the opening day becomes crowded. So those that don’t like the crowds start coming...
Planning for the trip to Oshkosh.

Out of Practice?

It is traditional for aviation bloggers and journalists to remind folks - in the weeks leading up to Oshkosh - to review the NOTAM...

The Valkyrie’s Song

Two thousand hours is just a round number really—it has no intrinsic mechanical meaning. But it's a milestone.

Wittman. Field. Video.

If it was strange for you to stay home, it was equally strange to be nearly the only person there.

The Test Pilot’s Role

I was reading a discussion on an internet forum dedicated to experimental aviation the other day, and the topic was gross weight. Someone was...

What Do I Call It?

According to all of the Facebook reminders popping up on my feed, its been almost exactly two years since I did the first flight...

There Are Always Alternatives

My recent Kneeboard Note on drilling bolts to create lighter weights for prop balancing generated a fair number of responses - all the way...

Hollow Bolts for Propeller Balancing

Lighten the steel bolts for dynamic propeller balancing.

In Case You Missed it

Shop Talk: V-Block Drill Jig from Scrap

Having problems drilling a precise hole in a tube? Ishmael Fuentes has the perfect-and inexpensive-solution with this nifty, easy-to-make V-block drill jig.

Practical Electrical

What’s all this master switch stuff anyhow? By Robert L. Nuckolls, III.

Ask the DAR

Night VFR in an ELSA, flying from the right seat, ELSA certification for an original design.

Crimping Style

Repairing the cable on a Bose headset.