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Marcel de Vliegers Zenair 601 HD

My 2002 Zenair 601 HD is Slowbird. It has professional urethane paint to commemorate Canadas aerobatic Snowbird team. I installed insulated interior and custom seats including a four-point harness. As well as building a custom cowl from scratch, I decided to put on some small wheel covers to hide the large wheels. It has dual wing tanks, GSC variable-pitch prop, electric trim, transponder, Garmin GPS, strobes, oxygen pack and 406 ELT for safety. The Rotax 912ULS is, as they say, bulletproof. Now to attempt an avionics rework.

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
[email protected]

Russ Bjorks RV-10

After more than 20 months and 2300 hours, our slow-build RV-10 rose up to become N552RV on March 28, 2009. The initial one-hour flight was done by test pilot Mike Seager; when it flew perfectly and proved mechanically sound, it was RV grins all around. The plane features an IO-540 Lycoming engine and Hartzell constant-speed prop. The glass panel is built around an Advanced Flight AF-3500, a Garmin GNS 530, a TruTrak autopilot with three-way trim, and includes all of the additional equipment for IFR flying. The cabin is insulated for sound comfort, and the interior is completely finished. The project was done in my parents shop in McCall, Idaho. When it was time to attach the wings, we outgrew the shop and moved to a hangar at KMYL. It never would have happened without the help of many people who cant all be named here, but who nonetheless need to be thanked.

McCall, Idaho
[email protected]

Stan Sutterfields RV-8A

My RV-8A is finished after six years. First flight was on June 28, 2009. Another RV grin is born. Thanks to my wife, Pat, for enduring while I followed my dream to build a unique airplane: Eight For Papa. My heartfelt thanks to my brother Nelson who worked
tirelessly for several years with me to complete this airplane. His camaraderie and expert advice were vital.

The airplane flew well. The engine is a Barrett IO-390 and it is running strong. The prop is a three-blade, constant-speed MT. The electrical system is dual redundant with two RG batteries.

Inside is a Blue Mountain EFIS One, EFIS Lite, Advanced Flight AF-3400 engine monitor, Garmin SL30 nav/com, Becker transponder and Zaon MRX.

Ive had it to 168 KIAS (193 mph) thus far and I had to throttle back to keep from going too fast so early in the flight testing. It handles just like a fighter, so Im inclined to fly it that way. The first time around the pattern I was effortlessly doing 60 bank turns. I just couldn’t stop myself. Thanks, Van.

Port Orange, Florida
[email protected]


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