Chuck Bodeen 

Chucks background is as an aerospace engineer and computer programmer. His love for flying started when his Dad was an inspector for United Airlines. He taught Astronautics at the Air Force Academy for three years. Twelve years ago he took up flight simulation as a hobby and has now published more than 70 magazine articles on the subject. Just to keep things real, he is also a sometimes student pilot.

Bob Fritz

Between turning out-pardon the pun-Home Machinist
installments and working on his Jabiru J250 (the stories on that project will begin later this summer), Bob was on the road to Sensenich Propellers Plant City, Florida, factory for an exuberant tour. Starting on Page 26, his story on the history and development of Sensenichs famous wood props (and of its new composite items) will tell you more than you ever wanted to know on the subject.

Dave Martin

You see, this is why we keep the man around-besides the fact that we like him a lot. Daves almost unparalleled experience in our world gives him unmatched perspective, as you’ll see in this months overview of eight Light Sport-legal Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft on Page 16. Were pleasantly surprised to see how much airplane you can build-as opposed to buy in the form of an SLSA-for $40,000 or less.



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