Ron Alexander

Our popular Build Your Skills: Fabric series comes to a close with the final steps just before painting. Because the paint process itself is so involved and variable, we felt this was a good place to leave off. We hope this series has been valuable to all, even those not considering or working on a fabric-covered kit. But thats not all: In the next issues, well take a closer look at fabric-covering technologies beyond Poly-Fibers. This months installment starts on Page 55.

Omar Filipovic

A new name adorns our masthead this month, in the form of Omar Filipovic. Based in Dallas, Omar is a web maven and GlaStar builder-old school, that is, hes taking his time-who will be taking over Julia Downies responsibilities behind the keyboard at With Omars help, were looking to update our web site and provide exciting new multimedia content.

Tom Wilson

Toms the kind of person who gets all worked up just walking into an engine shop-our kind of guy! This month, Tom visits Visalia, California-based Ly-Con, which has been developing its own form of CNC (computer numerically controlled) cylinder-head porting, introducing the microchip into a world traditionally owned by craftsmen with angle grinders and drum sanders. His report begins on Page 32.


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