Cradin Aerospace Receives FAA Approval for CI-1000 Coating


Cradin Aerospace announced that it has received FAA approval for its CI-1000 metallic-ceramic coating for exhaust system components. According to the company, the CI-1000 coating features a highly polished aluminum appearance that will not discolor or stain and substantially reduces thermal fatigue and oxidation. The coating allows rapid cool-down, thermal shock resistance, is weldable, and can be applied to either new or in-service exhaust system components.

Craig Lutz, Cradins quality manager, says the benefits of the coating include improved combustion chamber scavenging during the exhaust stroke as well as a finished, high-performance look. He adds that cooler operation results because the exhaust heat is contained inside the pipe rather than radiating out through it. Exhaust pipe crackling or popping goes away, and the system just doesn’t run as hot.

Pricing for Continental or Lycoming six-cylinder exhaust headers with exhaust extensions is typically $325 for the set. Cradin has coated four-cylinder Experimental systems for $175 a set, and radial engine and turboprop systems approach the $500-$600 range, depending on the pipe sizes.

For more information, contact Cradin Aerospace at 830/249-9580 or visit


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