Dave Armando’s Rotorway 162F


dave-armando-rotorway-162F-helicopterAfter 600 hours of build time my 2008 Rotorway 162F helicopter departed the earth. First flight was from my driveway after pushing it out of the garage. I have great neighbors!

Some modifications include my own designed 6 gal aux fuel tank using DOT approved Harley Davison 1200 motorcycle tanks that works by gravity, AirMark’s Easy start electric clutch, 18″ extended skis to prevent a nose over, Peter Koonon’s cog belt drive system, a Choppco tail rotor stabilization system, AirMark’s electric water pump system, Vertical Performance blade tips and S/S shoes, and others.

TT 300+ hrs and have flown as far as Ohio from Connecticut. Here I flew to work one day. I have also trailered it to OSH twice and flew around. Participating in the Young Eagle program is the best. The smiles it brings make all the long nights and weekends worth the build. After building a Kitfox I went to school again for my A&P license and then built the helicopter. I can’t say enough about how great and precise the Rotorway kit is with its system, documentation, and videos. They made it all possible and easy. I would be re-miss if I didn’t acknowledge Homer Bell, Orv Niesign, Mark Peterson, and the Rotorway Builders Group for all their wisdom and guidance. Just like a magic carpet!

Dave Armando
EAA 693562


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