Dave Armando’s Kitfox Speedster Model V


Dave-Armando-Kitfox-Speedster-Model-VAfter 6 years of building my 2001 Kitfox Speedster Model V was flown. Equipped with a Jabiru 3300 120 hp 6 cylinder, swinging an IVO medium constant speed prop, my own designed smoke system, Grove gear, Maule tail wheel, removable wing tips with a fishing pole locker inside, Super Bee lithium battery for weight reduction, and Cherry wood Instrument panel with the typical gauges plus a G meter.

Dave Armando Kitfox Speedster Model V

It is covered with the Stits paint system. Using the “envelope” fabric to expedite the finishing was a great help. One of my greatest joys has been participating in the Young Eagles program. Our chapter has flown more than 200 kids.

I’ve enjoyed flying to OSH twice, once in the “Parade of Homebuilts” fly by, and the Canyon Lands National park system from Connecticut.

After seeing Sean Tucker perform a Sportsman aerobatic routine at OSH I knew which plane to buy. During my test phase I approved the aircraft for many aerobatic maneuvers such as tail slides, hammerheads, inverted flat spins. The Kitfox is completely controllable and looses very little altitude performing them.

I’d like to thank our technical counselors for their input and guidance throughout the build. The first flight was made by Joe Gauthier and flew hands off thanks our club’s input. Still trying to duplicate the dead smooth first landing he made on its first flight!

Dave Armando
EAA 693562


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