EAA STC Expanded to Include Dynon’s 7-Inch EFIS-D100 and Additional Eligible Aircraft

Dynon EFIS-D100
Dynon EFIS-D100

Just in time for AirVenture 2016, the FAA recently added the EFIS-D100 as an acceptable substitute to the EFIS-D10A on EAA’s STC. With this addition, the EFIS-D100 becomes the only 7-inch widescreen PFD available for installation into legacy type-certificated aircraft. Best of all, EFIS-D100 configurations with the minimum equipment required by the EAA STC start at only $3,195.

Newly Expanded AML Includes Even More Cessna and Piper Aircraft.

The initial list of aircraft eligible to install Dynon products on EAA’s STC included the Cessna 150, 152, 172, and Piper PA-28 and Piper PA-38 series aircraft. With the STC’s actual release by EAA at AirVenture, the approved model list has increased by FAA to also include Cessna 175, 177, 182, and Piper PA-24 and PA-32 models. The full AML includes many variants of each type, including retractable-gear models. For a full list of approved aircraft, visit www.dynon.aero/retrofit.

Dynon EFIS D10A
Dynon EFIS D10A

Paul Dunscomb, vice president of Dynon, says, “Expanding both the aircraft AML and the allowed equipment to include the 7-inch Dynon EFIS-D100 demonstrates EAA’s and the FAA’s commitment to delivering affordable safety-enhancing technology to the GA fleet. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.”

STC Availability From EAA.

Although eligible EFISes and accessories are bought from Dynon and its dealer network, the STC itself is owned and distributed by EAA. The EAA’s pricing for the STC is expected to be announced by EAA at the start of AirVenture. EAA expects to take STC orders at AirVenture, with fulfillment commencing after the show.

For more information, contact Dynon at 425-402-0433 or [email protected]. Visit Dynon Avionics at AirVenture or on the Web at www.dynon.aero/retrofit.


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